Venice Getaway-2012


November 21 – 25, 2014 – Thanksgiving weekend

Get ready for another inspiring & enchanting Nesivos Getaway

This year we’ve created a new, unique, and customized getaway program for our Nesivos groups.

Join Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky – world renowned Educator and Lecturer together with Rabbi Doniel Baron – International educator -Insight & history on Jewish Venice, Padua and it’s Torah luminaries.
 Experience Venice, Padua, and Italy’s beautiful and picturesque countryside!
  • Stay in a breathtaking Italian villa situated in an ancient town outside of Venice.
  • Relax in the villa’s beautifully designed rooms, tranquil gardens and grounds, and enjoy the surrounding areas with waterways, fascinating centuries-old architecture, palaces, and more!
  • Treat yourself to an inspiring 4-day getaway of riveting shiurim, touring Venice: Jewish Ghetto, Jewish museum, Venice’s famous sites, walking tours, and Venice’s famous islands.
  • Visit ancient beis kevaros and davening at kivrei tzaddikim
  • Enjoy 5-star catering with our amazing chef Yossi & his staff!
  • Experience an unforgettable Shabbos!