Prague Getaways-Thanksgiving

Prague Getaways – Thanksgiving Weekend

Since 2010 Nesivos Jewish Legacy Tours has run very successful Getaways in Prague throughout the years.

We have been honored to have Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky join our tours, along with exceptional tour guides.

GET READY for a vacation getaway to Central Europe’s most breathtaking Jewish historical city!
ENJOY touring, riveting lectures, walking through Prague’s enchanting streets, dining with friends and relaxing!
BE INSPIRED davening on Shabbos in the Maharal’s shul, visitng Prague’s ancient beis hakvores and davening at the kevarim of the Maharal and Kli Yakar.
VISIT Theresienstadt, the “model” concentration camp.
EXQUISITE Kosher L’Mehadrim meals catered by our world-class chef!