Annual Legacy Poland Tour


TOUR DATES: March 28 – April 4, 2017

Looking for a touring experience that will change your life?

Announcing another amazing Poland tour on Legacy! Tour led by Rabbi Avraham Brussel from Midreshet Tehillah, Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein from Tomer Devorah, and Mrs. Chana Silver from Sharfman’s.

An inspiring, educational, and life-changing tour geared for young women studying Torah in Israel and abroad.

Shanah Aleph & Bet, and graduates are welcomed to join!

JOIN your friends from Sharfman’s, Midreshet Tehillah, Tomer Devorah, Ba’er Miriam, Neimos, Nevey and more on this inspiring, powerful, and life-changing tour led by today’s top educators!

This powerful and inspiring educational tour takes you on a weeklong journey through a world that once was. Discover over 500 years of rich Jewish history. Appreciate the spiritual heights of pre-war Europe, and enjoy a taste of the old shtetl life. Take a closer look at the life and world of the Chassidic masters and their courts. Experience a Shabbat that you will never forget. Glimpse into the unforgettable and unspeakable remnants of the Holocaust. These experiences and many more are all part of LEGACY 2017.

Legacy’s dynamic and warm staff offers an amazing tour program which includes stimulating shiurim, presentations, and discussions which encourage questioning and soul searching – all of which are essential to the LEGACY experience. LEGACY is privileged once again to have this year’s program led by a dynamic staff of educators: Rabbi Avraham Brussel, Dean of Midreshet Tehillah Seminary and Rinat Tizporah and popular lecturer and teacher, Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein, Dean of Tomer Devorah Seminary and a national lecturer in schools and shuls, with Mrs. Chana Silver, Legacy’s senior Eastern European Program Director, a veteran teacher at Sharfman’s, and other seminaries and kiruv programs, is an experienced counselor, and columnist of