Kosher Tour Catering

Nesivos Kosher Catering – Kosher L’Mehadrin Catering for Tours and Groups in Eastern Europe

Welcome to the newest and most exclusive Kosher L’Mehadrin catering service available in Eastern Europe!

If you are a tour operator, group leader, or an educational institution bringing groups to Poland and Eastern Europe, you know how securing kosher meals for your group is an expensive and organizational nightmare.

Nesivos Kosher L’Mehadrin Catering is your solution!  Look to Nesivos to handle your kosher catering needs.

Nesivos Yeshiva Tours to Eastern Europe together with our talented and professional chefs offer a one-of-a-kind elite catering service; Kosher L’Mehadrin meals and catering services exclusively for groups touring Poland and Eastern Europe.

Nesivos is one of the largest tour operators for yeshiva, seminary, and religious groups to Poland and Eastern Europe, which has brought thousands of yeshiva and seminary students to Poland and Eastern Europe, as well as providing 5-star kosher catering for Nesivos Getaways and for for numerous groups from the U.S., Israel and beyond, touring Poland and Eastern Europe.

Our unique hand-picked chefs have many years of experience in Kosher cuisine in well-known kosher restaurants in the U.S., Israel, and worldwide. Our kosher L’Mehadrin high quality catering services cater to individuals, groups, and simchas, all using major Glatt Kosher Hecsherim. Our chef’s specialty is in offering delicious and diverse menus in order to meet the high standards of our clientele.

Nesivos Kosher L’Mehadrin Catering uses only the following hechsherim: Shechita is from the following Chechshering exclucively: Machzekei Hadaas- Antwerp, Kaddasia-London, B’datz Eida Hacharedis-Yerushaliyim, HaRav Rubin-Rechovot. For all other ingredients the following hechsherim are used: Machzekei Hadass- Antwerp, Kaddasia- London, B’datz Eida Hacharedis- Yerushaliyim, HaRav Rubin-Rechovot.

Nesivos  Meal Services

Nesivos Standard Meal Services provides groups with delicious L’Mehadrin meals, ordered in advance based on the menu of your choice, packaged by the day and in deep-frozen in convenient-to-heat pans. A full Shabbos spread is also available. Our standard meal service only provides pre-cooked and ready to heat packed meals – catering/serving is not included.

  • Per request, delivery service is available with an additional delivery charge (restrictions may apply – please request in advance).
  • Our service is based on pre-orders – we prepare meals seasonally.

Nesivos Group & 5-Star Customized Catering Services

A full catering service, based on scheduling, which includes preparing and serving your groups with breakfast, lunches, and a full dinner meal  (based on a minimum group size and logistics – please request in advance).

Custom – 5-star Catering Services – please contact us directly for more information Click here.