BY Poland Tour-End of Sem June

Tour dates: June 14– 21, 2017

Join your sem friends from Bnos Chava, BJJ, Nachlas, Mesores Rochel, Machon Raaya, Keser Chaya, Be’eros, Chemdas, Bnos Sarah, Tehillas, Bnos Batsheva, Seminar, BYA, Lahav, Hadar, and others, as well as seminary and post seminary students from the U.S., U.K, Canada, and beyond!

Lead by our amazing & dynamic staff of educators!  Mrs. Blimie Birnbaum Esteemed mechaneches from from Bnos Chava, Keser Chaya, and Lahav Seminaries, together with Rabbi Ilan Segal, popular seminary educator & historian.

Nesivos participants literally follow in the footsteps of the Gedolei Yisroel of Poland while touring cities including Crakow, Warsaw, Lublin, Tykocyn, Lodz and more.

Beis Yaakov students past & present, mothers, grandmothers are also invited to join!

Being a part of the Nesivos experience means that you will literally walk in the footsteps of the Gedolei Yisroel and get a closer look at the dynamic Torah life of pre-war Europe. You will learn more about and gain a deeper appreciation for some of the greatest leaders of the Yeshiva and Chassidic worlds. You will daven at the kevarim of tzaddikim and see many other memorable sites including spectacular shuls, the original Beis Yaakov Building, Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin, the Rema Shul, the kever of the Noam Elimelech, to name a few. Inescapable in the Poland experience is facing the painful remnants of the Holocaust – Auschwitz, Madjanek and Treblinka. You will have a unique opportunity to share your impressions on the sensitive issues raised by the Holocaust and learn more about what the Torah perspective and response is to those experiences.

On Nesivos you will be part of a special group of Bnos Yisroel who will share in a most powerful Shabbos; listening to inspiring divrei Torah, participating in stimulating discussions, take a walking tour of the ancient Jewish community of Crakow, and singing zemiros of the Gedolei Yisroel who once lived there. Throughout the entire tour you will take part in בע”ה creating a living kiddush Hashem by showing that the eternity of the Torah and klal Yisroel can never be denied.

Be a part of the Nesivos experience.

Throughout the entire tour, we will B”H create a living kiddush Hashem by showing that the eternity of the Torah and klal yisroel.

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“I stumbled across the Nesivos website, and while reading through that familiar itinerary, I got the chills as I remembered visiting all of those places just last summer, on Nesivos. I felt I had to let you know that I still think about my experiences in Poland last summer and truly appreciate the chance you gave me and all my friends to visit those mekomos of kedusha where we all davened and internalized what we saw and heard. I read my notes from R’ Wunder, Rebbetzin Birnbaum and Rebbetzin Elfenbein and continue to be inspired by them. So, thank you very much, and I hope lots and lots of girls realize the great opportunity that they have for taking your tour, and I hope they have at least as wonderful/inspiring a time as we did last year!