Venice Italy-Thanksgiving Tour 2016

GEMS OF ITALY TOUR! THANKSGIVING 2016 TOUR VENICE, VERONA, PADUA & BEYOND! TOUR DATES: NOVEMBER 23-28, 2016 – THANKSGIVING WEEKENDJoin Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky, world renowned educator & lecturer and Rabbi Doniel Baron, History & Insights CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION   Experience Venice, Padua, and Italy’s beautiful and picturesque countryside! Stay in a breathtaking Italian villa situated in an ancient town outside …


BY Poland Tour-Pre-Pesach

BEIS YAAKOV PRE-PESACH TOUR TO POLAND:  MARCH 28 – APRIL 4, 2017 For Me’ohr, Chedvas BY, Seminar, Machon Raaya, Ateres, BYA, and Binas BY girls! Lead by Rabbi Meir Kahane, Menahel – Chedvas BY, Rabbi Ilan Segal, together with Mrs. Esther Elfenbein – esteemed mechaneches at Me’ohr Bais Yaakov. Every year Nesivos’  successful programs offer powerful, inspiring, and uplifting tours for students learning in American Beis Yaakov seminaries in …


Annual Legacy Poland Tour

LEGACY SEMINARY POLAND TOUR TOUR DATES: March 28 – April 4, 2017 Looking for a touring experience that will change your life? Announcing another amazing Poland tour on Legacy! Tour led by Rabbi Avraham Brussel from Midreshet Tehillah, Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein from Tomer Devorah, and Mrs. Chana Silver from Sharfman’s. An inspiring, educational, and life-changing tour geared for young women studying Torah in Israel and abroad. Shanah Aleph …


Yeshiva Tours

YESHIVA TOUR 2016 – TRAVEL TO POLAND, LITHUANIA, & BELARUS TOUR DATES: March 27 – April 4, 2017 SPEND AN UNFORGETTABLE SHABBOS IN THE YESHIVAS CHOCHMEI LUBLIN! Join yeshiva bochurim from Mir, Toras Moshe, Mercaz HaTorah, Lakewood East, Beis Yisroel, Medrash Shmuel, Chofetz Chaim, Sholom Shechter, Brisk, Heichal Hatorah, Zeev Hatorah OJ, and other American yeshivas in Eretz Yisroel, U.S. & U.K, South Africa, and worldwide! Nesivos Pesach …


BY Poland Tour-End of Sem June

NESIVOS BEIS YAAKOV TOUR TO POLAND – END OF SEMINARY YEAR : June 14– 21, 2017 Tour for Bnos Chava, Keser Chaya, Nachlas, Mesores Rochel, BJJ, Bnos Sarah, Hadar and Machon Raaya girls! Lead by HaRav Meir Wunder, renowned historian, lecturer and author, and one of the foremost authorities on pre-war Poland and the Gedolei Yisroel, together with esteemed mechaneches – Mrs. Blimie Birnbaum from Bnos Chavah Seminary, Yerushalyim. …


Custom Kosher Tours

CUSTOM HERITAGE GROUP TOURS  & PRIVATE FAMILY TOURS CREATE A CUSTOM KOSHER L’MEHADRIN TOUR FOR YOUR GROUP OR FAMILY TO EASTERN & CENTRAL EUROPE, AND BEYOND! Nesivos will create the ultimate customized luxury tour for your educational institution or group to Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Hungary, Prague, Italy and other famous historical Jewish sites! THE ULTIMATE INSPIRATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL TOUR Take your extended family, community or outreach group on the …